03 juillet 2008

Japan Loopwing wind generator will be exhibitors Xiaobo Hui and seek partners

Xiaobo Hui "date is approaching, and procurement requirements to exhibitors for the merchants still flooded. Xiaobo Hui increasing the visibility and show itself has the advantage of the conditions, is to attract the well-known companies are outside the To exhibitors. Thailand's native products, the traditional crafts of Uganda, the United States Haleimotuo, the quantum of Germany, etc., to have an exhibition at the show charisma. JCBC Co., Ltd. of Japan is also not far behind, at the current Show display (Booth Hall 6 A18) of its advanced technology products "Loopwing ring fledgling wind turbine" and hoped that production in China to seek partners in the project.
"Loopwing ring-wing generator" is a new type of environmentally friendly wind energy generators, industrial Integrated Technical Institute and Mie University, and other academic institutions after several tests and the results of research and development, similar to overcome the past all the wind generator Shortcomings in the design and features on all new leap forward. It has a muted effect, and high-performance security, power generation performance, and durability strong, long life and other design features, innovative technology in the completion of its own market growth of multi-Comprehensive Assessment, won the Their gold content is very high "in 2007, Tokyo Enterprise Technology Award Special Award" by the unanimous praise of the industry, known as opened up a future wind turbine development of new roads.

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